United States and Canada

It is funny that the theme of travel was not one I considered at all when I started this blog. But it turns out I have, and do, travel a fair bit to some pretty cool places and experience them in ways that are maybe less conventional. For example, as I create this page, I am just starting a big skiing and ice-climbing solo road trip through Canada and the United States.

The United States is where I have spent the vast majority of my adult like, so it is no surprise that I’ve covered a lot of ground there, and in Canada. As I created these maps though, I did think that wow, these are really big countries and I’ve done well to see so much of it. I like the site used to create this map below because it allows you to colour-code the states visited. In this case:

Green: States I have lived in and/or am extremely familiar with

Blue: States I have spent some time in

Orange: States I have visited once or twice or passed through. For example, Alaska is orange because I have only been to Anchorage and Alyeska to ski.

Created with: https://www.gasfoodnolodging.com/visitedstates/us-canada/visitied-us-canada-states


Created with: https://www.gasfoodnolodging.com/visitedstates/us-canada/

I am currently in the middle of a big Canada/US skiing and ice-climbing road trip, details of which are in my blog posts and in this overall map