Petzl Gear Reviews

Thanks for the schwag, Petzl! I should make it clear that I am not sponsored by any gear company so all of my gear reviews are unbiased and the opinions my own.


I’ll start off with my review of the products above I have used. I use a lot of Petzl products; those gear reviews are forthcoming.

Petzl Luna Womens Harness


While this harness is an attractive teal colour, functionally, it just did not work for me. Because of my dimensions, I always have to get harnesses with adjustable leg-loops. Maybe it is my thunder thighs, maybe it is my small waist. While I have quite a few harnesses, I like them to be fairly versatile in their applications. I asked to try this particular harness because of the adjustable leg loops, and ice-screw clip options (there are two slots for a caritool).

Immediately, I noticed that the two rear gear loops are very small. This isn’t uncommon for me; having a small waist means my gear loops are smaller than some other folks, but these gear loops seemed unusually small. When I wore the harness indoors, I found that when there was tension on my belay loop, the leg loops went straight into my crotch. Despite the padding around the waist, I found the harness to be extremely uncomfortable for me. It might work in an ice-climbing setting, where I am wearing many layers underneath; but I would never wear this harness in a trad or sport climbing situation.

Sirocco Helmet


Okay, I admit, this is not the most attractive of helmets to wear. But, looking like a circumcised penis not withstanding, this is a pretty awesome helmet. It is incredibly lightweight and comfortable; the straps adjust easily and with minimal buckles; the strap closure system is easy and can be done with one hand; the helmet accommodates even the headlamp show above which has thicker straps. I really can’t think of too many failing of this helmet, except for its appearance.

Petzl Reverso Belay Device

IMG_0098This belay device really excels with thinner double ropes. I found it difficult to use with ropes over 10mm in diameter. As a result, I find my Black Diamond ATC Guide belay device to be my default belay device as it accommodates a wider range of rope diameters. I really don’t want to be dicking around, trying to force a rope through my belay device.

Petzl Ange Finesse Quickdraws


I was a bit skeptical about the unusual gate these quickdraws have, but upon use, found that these quickdraws are the bomb, and especially good in alpine/ice climbing applications. The quickdraws are very light weight, and the gate makes for very easy clipping. I tend to like biners with wider gate openings, so I like the Ange S Quickdraws on top and bottom. The Dyneema sling is lightweight but burly, and I like the rigid attachment to the bottom biner for easier clipping to the rope.



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