Review of Y&Y Belay Glasses

I was kindly sent a pair of Y&Y Belay glasses to review. I suppose as a result of age catching up to me, my neck was really starting to suffer from belayer’s neck. I had seen a few people use belay glasses in the climbing gym, but never really considered the option because my neck did not hurt at the time and, let’s face it, they do look a little dorky. But with my neck complaining rather loudly, I decided to try this pair out.


The belay glasses come with a case, cleaning cloth, retainer strap and mini screw-driver

My first impression upon putting the glasses on was that the quality of the prisms is very high. Image clarity is very good and the glasses are very lightweight. The belay glasses were also very comfortable (in contrast to the Belaggles I had tried before, which are a more durable plastic frame but are also much heavier). The case is not bad either, being at least rigid to stop the glasses from being squashed. My partner was able to wear these glasses over his spectacles.

My only reservation about these belay glasses is that they are very lightweight and somewhat delicate. The flexible metal frame does mean they can take a little bit of a bashing, but I am worried that they could break fairly easily. For now, I will keep using these indoors. It is not very practical to wear/carry belay glasses when climbing outside, especially on multi-pitch routes.

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