Metolius Climbing Team!

I am so pleased to announce that I am now a member of the Metolius Climbing Team! Given my love for trad climbing, this partnership is a natural one but at the same time it is so humbling to be on the same team as Beth Rodden, Will Stanhope, Jonathan Siegrist, Peter Croft (!!), and so many other talented climbers.

I basically started climbing in the Metolius Safe-Tech Womens Deluxe harness and continue to use it as my outdoor harness. For obvious reasons, I really appreciate how much thought goes into making their gear safe/bomber. But what has really touched and impressed me is my interaction with Metolius’ VP (and head of many things) Brooke Sandahl.

I first contacted Metolius in late January of this year, and Brooke responded to me. While the Metolius Climbing Team was at capacity and not accepting any new members, Brooke said, “I would like to offer you a chance to become one of our ambassadors…This would be a foot in the door to be a part of the team.  After all you’ve been through, I feel like you’ve earned the right to represent Metolius, even if it is in this modest fashion!” His kindness and empathy of what I had gone, and continue to go, through was apparent even at this early stage.

At the end of July, I pinged Brooke to give him an update of my year so far and, to my surprise, he welcomed me onto the Team! I quickly offered my thoughts on quite a few things, including their XS trad harnesses now only having two gear loops. Brooke actually listened to my feedback carefully and gave me thoughtful responses; and he also offered to customize an XS harness for me that does have at least four gear loops. I mean, it is not like I am some rockstar climber who sends 5.14’s regularly. I’m just some piddly gimp who has overcome a fair bit.

I really am humbled and honored to be welcomed into this fold of such esteemed company and what Metolius Climbing​ stands for.

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