Big NIAD setback

It’s been a rough month on the personal front. So, you can imagine how I felt late this morning, when I received an email from my NIAD partner that he had hurt his hamstring (on stupid plastic, no less!) and could no longer do NIAD with me. I know stuff like this happens, and we have no control over such things; but still, the timing is pretty bloody awful.

I am reaching out to my contacts to see if I can find a replacement partner; the problem is, the person has to be someone I totally trust, who can climb within a very specific time-window due to my limited time out in the Valley (and my schedule had been centered around my old partner’s availability); and who will be patient enough to do the descent with gimpy me.

I am an atheist and humanist, but it still seems like the universe is playing a pretty cruel joke on me right now. Trying not to feel totally crushed and deflated. I know I have two choices: 1) Give up; and 2) Head to the Valley and improvise. The latter is not my usual MO (neither is the first one). This is another “test of character”, when really, I just wanted a “test of climbing.”

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