How to change from ski to crampons

Petzl put out a useful instructional video on how to change from skis to crampons in tricky terrain/a tricky situation. As I think more about whether it is possible for me to ski mountaineer again, I wonder how will I manage to do this, with a ski boot and ski on my right leg, and a snow boot (Sorel) on my left leg which does not have a ski attached to it. My left leg will be clipped up as usual. What I am thinking is:

  1. Create anchor (ice-screw) as shown in video and secure myself
  2. Release left foot down
  3. Have one crampon be adjusted to fit my Sorel. However, I am not sure this is possible because my Sorel is so wide and big. Assuming this is possible, I balance on my right leg/ski and put on the crampon on my left boot
  4. This is the tricky part. I will then need to put my weight on my left leg and make sure it is secure with crampon points in the snow.
  5. Release right binding. Again, this could be hard because I set my DIN to be very high (8-9) for someone of my stature because I do not want my ski to release and I have to retrieve it (with great difficulty)
  6. Put right crampon on ski boot

Stuff like this makes me wonder whether I should even bother contemplating moving in this kind of terrain again, or whether just sticking to more mellow skiing is just fine. I am really not sure. It might be the case that this idea continues to poke/bug me, and I just have to try/experiment and assess the results.

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