What I wear when I am skiing in really freakin’ cold weather

This will either amuse or horrify you. But I thought it would be amusing to document all that I wore on me today (I didn’t wear a backpack, so this really was all on me) when I was skiing in Lake Louise. Yeah, I can’t decide whether I look like a very very fertile woman or a circus animal.


  • Heavy ArcTeryx insulated ski jacket
  • “Thinner” ArcTeryx synthetic puff jacket
  • Helmet
  • Liner under helmet
  • Thick fleece neck gaiter
  • Tank top
  • A not-super-thin merino wool base-layer
  • The North Face smooth outer face/polartech fleece “mid” layer
  • Really really thick fleecy pants
  • Stio ski pants (these are burly)
  • Hip padding
  • Left Sorel snow boot (and two adhesive toe warmers stuck under my foot)
  • Right ski boot
  • Extra battery pack for right ski boot heater
  • Different sock for each foot (some sock manufacturers makes socks that have a handedness to them – no bueno for me :))
  • Heated gloves (yes, it has come to this. These gloves aren’t awesome)
  • Extra pair of battery packs for heated gloves (battery life isn’t super, see above)
  • Belt for attaching quickdraw to my waist
  • Quickdraw (I made a small modification yesterday, which was to just switch out the old quickdraw I was using for a Petzl Spirit quickdraw which has a super stiff dogbone which makes for easier clipping)

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