Sun Valley Day 2 – a slight change of heart about the place

Oh, how fickle my opinion can be of a place. While still very far from the top fav ski areas, 4-5″ of fresh snow improved my opinion of Sun Valley considerably. The overnight snow, snow all through the morning, and moderate temperatures in the low to mid-teens (Farenheit) made for stellar conditions this morning. The bowls filled in and were no longer icy waist high bumps. The bowls all start of fluffy and steep but pretty much all of the runs end up being those harder waist-high bumps, so my right leg was worked by the time lunch time rolled around.



Bumps are tiring


I did have to spend a fair bit of time deciding a) where do I go next – Jackson Hole, or Utah, and b) whether to try and get ahead of the big storm rolling through southern Idaho and the Salt Lake City area (forecast for 40″ by the time the storm watch is over tomorrow afternoon). Driving in the dark and snow on less than maintained highways this afternoon/evening did not seem smart, and I was not even sure if my car would be able to make it up Little Cottonwood Canyon to Alta/Snowbird tomorrow morning anyway. So I am staying put for the night and tomorrow will likely be an enforced rest day as I wait to trail this Pacific system moving through.


The no-google-tan-whatsoever tour continues



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