Holy Larabar!

Holy Lärabar! Lärabar sent me a box full of mini bars as part of their Ambassador program. It’s like Halloween candy, but better for you. Fortunately, I love Larabars because there are 300 of them (at least according to the enclosed letter – fortunately, I am not OCD enough to count). As most of you know, my bowel/bladder issues mean I am very particular about what I eat when I am outside (e.g. climbing, skiing, whatever) for long periods of time without ready access to a bathroom. These are one of the few bars that are agreeable with my faulty plumbing and that I like the taste of. So, I am really glad to have a few to nosh on for myself and keep me fueled; and spread the love and give these out to folks.




Order restored. Okay, so I am a little particular about some things.


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