How do Paralympians make a living?

After I was approached by a Paralympian monoskier about getting into ski racing, I started to look more into how to get the ball rolling on this and see how far I can take it. Once I saw the cost of all the camps, the travel expenses to camps and competitions and, of course, the time it might take to train, I wondered how on earth can a person with his/her eyes set on making the U.S. Paralympic Team (Winter or otherwise) manage to support themself??

First off, Paralympians are probably  not being bombarded with sponsorship offers. Secondly, I don’t see many Paralympians doing manual labour jobs for companies like UPS and Home Depot; which I am guessing pay Olympians minimum wage and don’t mind if they have to take a good chunk of time off for training, events etc.

This is something I am struggling to reconcile. For example, could it come to having to make the choice between pursuing this Paralympic goal or, say, buying a house? If anyone has any ideas or knowledge about this, please let me know!

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