Lock-off season begins here

I packed my Metolius rock rings, having never used them before, but thinking they would be a good thing to have while I am otherwise not doing any climbing during my stay in Hong Kong. Part of my walk this morning involved scouting out places where I could hang these rock rings. It was not that easy. Eventually, I settled on Braemar Hill Playground (Braemar Hill is the hill behind our home, and where my primary school is located).


The setup is far from ideal, but it had to do for this morning.


The red circular things are actually not entirely stable.

It would be better if I could find something where the rings can hang more freely and without vertical bars on either side of them so that my elbows can move out.


It never hurts to be reminded of the alphabet.

My finger and upper-body strength are atrociously weak right now. I started off with the simple 10 minute workout Metolius recommends; and even that was a bit of a struggle with the two-finger holds. I hope I won’t be totally useless for ice this season.



I pass.

I am going to do more scouting today to find a better setup.

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